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Global Boiler Group
Global Boiler Group
Global Boiler is your highly qualified “one stop” dedicated supplier for service, repairs and spare parts of/for all kinds of boilers/burners, - whether a small “donkey” boiler on a cargo vessel, a large AUX boiler on a tanker vessel, or the ultimate “main boiler” on i.e. an LNG carrier.

Global Boiler consists of 2 main Sections, a Service Section which also has a large Spare Parts Department and a Repair Section
The Global Boiler Group is a provider of high quality operation and maintenance solutions to the marine industry with focus on effective support, service, repair and systems which help’s the customer operating their heating- and steam generating system in a safer and more efficient and economical way.


• Boiler / economizer repair, re-tubing
• Boiler Inspections, pre-dock (PDI) and IRIS inspection
• IGG / Incinerator repair
• Refractory repair / replacement
• Fabrication parts for boiler, economizer and IGG etc
• Burner Adjustment
• Automation - Service / Fault finding
• Automation - Upgrades / Modifications
• Technical Support
• Spare parts