A meeting for cooperation and networking

Group photo insideGBAA

As part of joining #SCN we are entering a cooperation between other members and alliance partners to strengthen our reach globally together in the marine industry.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of guesting @Christian Leibetseder, @Meher Ben Hiba and @Sasha Spörl from @Carl Baguhn GmbH &Co. KG. The meeting was about how we can boost each other in the marine industry and how we can boost each other’s presence on the market.

As colleagues we have our own focus area, as we offer service and offer repair on boilers, CBH offers the same on internal combustion engines for marine, powerplants, and industrial applications. This partnership is about spreading the word on how we can offer our services in combined and fill in the gaps so that we reach out globally to all.

We look forward to seeing what this partnership brings in the future.

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