A Tale of a Boiler Maker

A tale of a boiler maker

Having come from a hot country, I have always been fascinated by stories about snow-covered landscapes and the magical beauty they hold. Growing up in a place where the sun shone relentlessly and the air was filled with warmth, the idea of snow seemed like an enchanting dream.

My name was included, along with others, in a team chosen by the operations manager of our company for a three-week boiler repair project in Turkey during the cold period of January 2023. I was instructed to prepare appropriate clothing for the cold. The excitement and curiosity of being in the snow for the first time in my life had already captivated me.

As I stepped onto the snow-covered ground upon arrival in Turkey, the sensation of it crunching beneath my feet was unfamiliar. It was impossible not to smile as the cold seeped through my shoes, reminding me that I was experiencing something truly unique. Looking around, I noticed the snowflakes falling gracefully from the sky, each displaying its own individual beauty. It was a unique experience for me. 

The day and the boiler repair progressed as planned, and I enjoyed every moment of the snowfall. In the end, the repair was completed earlier than expected, and we returned home.

I would like to express my gratitude to Global Boiler Aalborg for providing me with this unique opportunity. It allowed me to explore different countries, cities, and cultures, broadening my horizons and giving me a better understanding of the world through this exposure.