IGG Front cover View

Picture 1: (Smit Gas IGG – Front cover – Complete) Global Boiler Aalborg fabricates complete IGG front burner covers, which can be installed directly onboard on existing units (Plug and play style). Note: Burner lance, electronic equipment/sensors, wires, hoses etc. not included.

Picture 2: (Smit Gas IGG – Front cover – Overhaul of existing front cover onboard) An alternative to replacing the entire front cover, another option is to replace the water cooled stainless steel flange with new materials. Where the non-damaged materials can be reused (Housing, swirler, mounting brackets). This will be carried out onboard the vessel by one of our experienced IGG repair crews.

Picture 3: (Smit Gas IGG – Full set) Global Boiler Aalborg offers a full range of spare parts/repair materials for Smit Gas components, first seen; Water spray chamber, Burner cone & a combustion chamber / inner shell. Note: Materials shown have not yet been pickled, which will restore the properties of the stainless steel.

Picture 4: (Hamworthy Moss – Combustion chamber) Global Boiler Aalborg also manufactures & repairs all brands of inert gas systems. Here is seen a complete combustion chamber for Hamworthy Moss series, equipped with guiding spiral for cooling water. Note: Materials shown have been pickled.

Picture 5: (Smit Gas IGG – Burner cones – Sacrificial spare parts) Global Boiler Aalborg offers full range of different Burner cones / Burner shields to protect the combustion chamber inside the inert gas systems. Burner cones can be custom made per customers’ requirements /measures with our CAD-system (Autodesk Inventor)

Picture 6: (Fabrication of complete IGG front cover – Smit Gas) All IGG spares & materials fabricated in our workshop in Denmark. Seen on this picture is a complete stainless-steel flange (cooling flange) with a swirler mounted in the center, housing is being prepared in the back. Materials are pressure tested and quality controlled prior to dispatch.