Internal Rotational Inspection Systems (IRIS)

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Iris inspections

The advantages of the IRIS inspection technique include the following:

  • It is very accurate. Wall thickness measurements can be made, with the use of a
    15MHz-focused transducer, to an accuracy of within 0.1mm.
  • It is a fairly sensitive technique. The sensitivity achieved will depend on tube dimensions
    and tube cleanliness. In general, it can be stated that, it should be possible to detect a
    1.5mm defect in tubing up to 1 inch which has been properly cleaned.
  • Both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic tubes can be inspected
  • A three dimensional picture of the defect is obtained, thus the defect profile and its depth
    is provided.
  • Interpretation of results is easier than in the other techniques assuming that reasonable
    tube cleanliness has been achieved.