Pre docking surveys and inspections

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Pre docking surveys and inspections done by Global Boiler engineer

Pre docking surveys and inspections

  • One stop” supplier
  • Experienced boiler inspectors
  • Full overview of condition
  • Planned maintenance – no last minute surprises
  • 24 hr response time (maximum)

Global Boiler Aalborg recommend fleet owners a strategic agreement for Pre Docking Inspection of the boilers and economizers.

Regular inspection of boilers have prevented numerous major breakdowns and time loss for owners / charterers.

By performing such inspections in due time – any found defects may be evaluated and repairs planned in safe time for vessels scheduled docking – saving extended yard stay if only discovered upon arrival.

Further there is huge savings on timely ordering of spares and the involved logistics.

Regular inspections also have the benefit that minor defects founds can be monitored over time and again reduce overall cost for maintenance, by careful planning.

Global Boiler Aalborg builds on a long and well reputed background in the industry – with all key employees having more than 20 years individual background for construction, manufacture and repair of boilers.