Servicing Land-Based Boilers

Our Dubai department recently had the incredible opportunity to undertake a substantial supply and fabrication project. We were appointed by Oman Duqm Process Industries to retube their waste heat recovery boilers and air pre-heaters.

As always, we are committed to maintaining strict quality control procedures, ensuring timely project delivery, and exceeding client expectations. The satisfaction of our clients and the exceptional quality of our work are the cornerstones of our commitment to excellence. 

At Global Boiler Aalborg, we take pride in not only providing exceptional marine boiler services and repairs but also in having a highly skilled and experienced team capable of handling diverse land-based boiler projects. Versatility and adaptability are at the core of our team’s strengths. 

Follow us to witness the success of our endeavors and discover how we can assist you in the maintenance and repair of your marine boiler.