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Pre-docking Inspections

Before you dock your vessel, we recommend a pre-docking inspection of your boiler to avoid any possible last-minute surprises resulting in extensive repairs or delays.

Automation Fault Finding

Our experienced and expert engineers can check your boiler for faults and defects. We service any kind of control system and can supply spare parts in most cases.

Health and safety check

We offer a health and safety check for all types of burners from different manufacturers. With hands-on experience, we handle your burner with care and deliver a full report.

Pre-docking Inspections

We recommend all vessel owners to have a PDI of the vessel’s boilers, economizers, burners, and control systems in advance of a scheduled dry-docking period. This is to prevent any last-minute surprises during the docking period which could result in extensive repairs or even cause delays in returning to sea. 

Our experienced inspectors can conduct a complete inspection of your vessel’s furnace and pressure parts, boiler mounts, regulating valves, burners, and control system.  

After the inspection the vessel’s superintendent will receive a report about all the conducted work , findings, and suggestions to keep your boiler in safe and operational condition. 

Automation Fault Finding

Our automation engineers specialise in automation check, alarm check, fault finding, and repair of the boiler’s control system and have years of experience with finding faults in electrical and mechanical automation systems.  

We can service any kind of control system and can in most cases supply any needed spare parts.   

Automaiton service

Health and safety check

Global Boiler Aalborg offers adjustment, service, and repair to all types of burners from different manufacturers. Our engineers have hands-on experience with the various manufacturers and types of burners available on the market. 

Combustion adjustment is carried out via the use of flue gas measurements and visual inspection. All our flue gas analyzers are calibrated on a frequent basis to ensure the correct adjustment. 

Once the burner adjustment is complete, you will receive a full report where flue gas measurements will be included.