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With a large array of marine boiler spare parts on hand in our shop in Denmark, our dedicated spare parts team is ready to assist you with any inquiry regarding any spare part. 

If we by chance do not have the spare parts you need, our efficient supply chain can acquire the parts within days’ notice. While our spare parts team is based in Denmark, our goal is to ensure swift shipping, creating a sense that the marine boiler spare parts are near you.

To ensure every spare part lives up to the highest standard in the industry we only use OEM parts. This ensures that any system delivered from Global Boiler Aalborg is built and tested with approved components from the worlds most renowned suppliers. 

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    Brands we deal with

    A running boiler will need to have its parts changed from time to time. We offer a wide range of spare parts that fit your boiler needs, from boiler heater parts to tube blocks.

    Here are some of our top brands. You can see our list of some of the major brands we offer by clicking the button saying “Download fill list”.

    • Siemens

    • Grundfos

    • Gestra

    • Ari Armaturen

    • Oilon

    We carry a wide range of brands and their spare parts for every boiler needs.
    Packing your orders for shipping with environmentally friendly packaging

    Spare parts needed?
    We aim to have what you need!

    We know that one single incorrect part can cause very high expenses and delays. At Global Boiler Aalborg we use Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) part. That way we can target a broad range of user needs and be available to all your boiler needs.

    ShipServ Profile

    Are you looking for a specific spare part?

    On our ShipServ profile, you can get a deeper look into our range of spare parts. You can also make a direct inquiry to our spare parts department with your needs.

    Our ID is 207032

    Return & cancellation policy

    We offer a fair return and cancellation policy.

    For more information, please read the file by clicking on the “See more” button to see our full return and cancellation policy.

    Service Agreement

    You can easily put your trust is our expertise. We are so proud of our service standard that we have a service agreement.

    You can view it by pressing the button below.

    Need to contact us?

    Please contact us by E-mail or phone:

    Spare Parts: +45 29 100 300

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