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IRIS Inspections
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Valve Overhaul

Boiler Inspections

Our qualified and experienced engineers are ready to inspect your vessel’s boiler and find any potential defects to fix, be they major or the smallest ones.

IRIS Inspection

We offer our expertise in Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS) and provide insight into defects and their depth and it’s very accurate, down to 0.1mm

Riding Crews

Our team of boilermakers are ready to board you vessel to preform any kind of work on boiler, economizer, IGG unit incinerators etc. anywhere in the world.

Valve Overhaul

Our valve overhaul services include most replacement of most valve sizes. Gain benefits to keep your valves in good operating conditions.

Boiler Inspections

Global Boiler Aalborg offers inspections of any vessel’s boiler by our qualified and experienced engineers using the best and most sophisticated equipment in the business. This ensures that any potential defects will be found. 

Finding even the smallest defect allows you to get it repaired by our service team. You can also monitor the defect yourself, so it can get fixed before a major breakdown occurs.  

Therefore, we highly recommend regular inspections of your boiler and all its components. That way it ensures the boiler is in good and safe working condition. 

IRIS Inspection

We at Global Boiler Aalborg are able to conduct inspections using the Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS) technique. An IRIS inspection is a very accurate inspection method where it’s possible to measure wall thickness down to 0.1mm accuracy. The accuracy achieved is dependent on the cleanliness and the dimensions of the tube measured. This can create a 3D image of the defects found during the inspection and give a detailed profile of the defect and its depth. 

The inspection can be done in both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic tubes.  To ensure a precise inspection, a cleaning of the tubes might be necessary beforehand.  

Riding Crews

Global Boiler Aalborg has a team of boilermakers that are able to perform any kind of work on boiler, economizer, IGG unit, incinerators, etc. anywhere in the world  The riding crew consist of a team of Danish and Polish workers, and when larger teams are required for the repair, it may also include boilermakers, fitters, etc. from our Dubai and/or Singapore branches.  All our riding crews consist of highly skilled workers and always have 1 Danish foreman, the chief boilermaker, to take care of all communication with the vessel’s crew, shipyard, etc. The chief boilermaker also handles all necessary paperwork and shows the attending Class surveyor our working procedures, materials, certificates, etc. to have the boiler’s reparation approved by Class.  

All workers carry their own personal documents which are as follows: 

  • Welding Certificates 
  • Seaman Book 
  • Passport 
  • International Certificate of Vaccination 
  • Health Certificate for Seafarers 

Most of our riding boilermakers also have a US Visa – B1/B2 & C1/D 

Valve Overhaul

We do overhaul on most sizes of globe valves and assist in replacing valve spare parts for your boiler system. Additionally, we also do replacement of major welded valves such as main steam valves for turbine vessels. 

The main benefits of giving your valves an overhaul and keeping them in good operating conditions are: 

  • Improving your boiler plant’s efficiency and safety by ensuring your valves are functioning correctly and have no leaks or restrictions of water or steam.  
  • Extended lifespan by regularly maintaining your valves parts and reducing corrosion. 
  • Reduced downtime by detecting defects before they cause major malfunction. 
  • Saving operational costs by reducing the overall cost associated with your boiler’s operation as it reduces the need for more extensive and expensive repairs. 

We are able to do overhaul on most sizes of globe valves and assist in replacing valve spare parts for your boiler system. And for larger boilers we are as well experienced in replacing major welded valves like main steam valves for turbine vessels.