Boiler Control System

Improve your efficiency with automation

Global Boiler Aalborg provides a complete Boiler Control System to enhance your efficiency with automation when managing your boiler. The System is engineered to ensure safe and reliable operation with minimum attendance. This is achieved through the use of high-quality components and an easy-to-use user interface.


The benefits

The automation system is managed through a screen where the boiler functions are automated and can be fitted to your boiler needs.  

All tasks on one screen

The PLC is the center of the system. The Screen is the Siemens S7-1500, which is a well-tested and highly reliable PLC with components available worldwide.

Single or dual implementation

The system can be implemented in a single-boiler system or a multiple-boiler system. This is regardless of whether it’s a new build control system or control system retrofit. This kind of service is available to any kind of boiler and burner.
AQ18 after and before - Control system

Shipping and installation

Before shipping and installing the system on your vessel, our automation engineers have made thorough tests on the full control system and conducted FAT with Class to ensure everything is working as intended. Want to see how the boiler control system looks? Look no further than our before and after photo above. You incorporate the buttons into an interactive touch screen and save place, making it easier to use. The interface can also be fitted to your boiler needs through personal settings.

For inquiries about this service, please contact us at Need more information about our automation services? Please visit the Automation Service page.
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