Boiler servicing near me

Boiler servicing near me

The phrase boiler servicing near me is often used by many of the customers that require our services. Likely, you searched for boiler servicing near me, because you are a ship owner or ship operator who needs to service or repair a ship boiler on your vessel. At Global Boiler Aalborg, we ensure construction, installation, modification, maintenance and repair of pressure vessels and boilers safely take place. So it makes good sense that you hire our services. The same applies if you need spare parts.

Global Boiler Aalborg is a global service company dedicated to servicing and repairing steam boilers, economizers, thermal oil heaters. We also service and repair heat exchangers, IGG, incinerators, pressure vessels and piping systems. Most of our customers are in the maritime industry. We have a close cooperation with classification societies to ensure the quality of the services we render. Global Boiler Aalborg make available our highly skilled workforce, which consist of engineers and boilermakers who have not only the necessary technical skills, but also a vast experience that results in well-executed installations and repairs. We are sure it is what you had in mind when you searched for boiler servicing near me.


Professional boiler servicing near me

We understand why you wrote boiler servicing near me. You want to make sure that you get the right kind of service near your location. You will be happy to learn that our teams of boilermakers are ready to perform repairs onboard your vessel regardless of whether it is on a sea voyage or on a shipyard. We offer our services and the skills of our workforce at competitive prices.

Please contact Global Boiler Aalborg today. You can reach the Boiler Dept. at +45 29 100 300 as well as the Burner and Automation Dept. at +45 70 277 170. You can also choose to e-mail us at and