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Support your boiler technicians with our boilermakers

Support your boiler technicians with our boilermakers

As a ship owner, you surely have one or several boiler technicians. Your boiler technicians have the necessary technical skills to monitor and maintain the boilers onboard your ship or fleet. They have undergone a rigorous training and have the required license to operate low-pressure or high-pressure boilers or both. However, when your boilers need a thorough inspection or an extensive repair, you need to turn to a boilermaker. At Global Boiler Aalborg, we have a large number of boilermakers who can assist your boiler technicians in their delicate job.

Global Boiler Aalborg is a reliable provider of high-quality operation and maintenance solutions to the marine and maritime industry. We are committed to rendering support and offering service, repair and systems to your vessel or company. Our well-qualified and experienced engineers can undertake a full and systematic inspection to ascertain the condition of your boiler. Our personnel have experience in using sophisticated equipment such as endoscopes and U-sonic thickness gauging to perform an exhaustive checkup. Therefore, you can rest assured that our services are always efficient and effective. Our goal is always to find whatever defects your boiler has and solve them on the spot. In this way, you save time and costs when it comes to operation and maintenance. So it can really turn out to be a cost-effective investment when you choose our services since you prevent a potential breakdown.

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Make the work of your boiler technicians easier with our help

We understand that servicing and repairing your boiler means downtime that you would do anything to avoid. Therefore, our teams of boilermakers are trained to perform their duties onboard in an efficient manner so you do not suffer unnecessary delays. We make sure that your heating or steam generating system functions in a safe, efficient and economical way. Do not hesitate to secure our services.

Please contact Global Boiler Aalborg today. You can reach the Boiler Dept. at +45 29 100 300 as well as the Burner and Automation Dept. at +45 70 277 170. You can also choose to e-mail us at and