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Expert boiler service from Global Boiler Aalborg

Expert boiler service from Global Boiler Aalborg

Boilers are machines that produce high pressure steam. The feedwater supplied to the boiler drum uses energy released by burning the fuel in the combustion chamber inside the boiler. A boiler control system helps the operator to monitor and regulate temperature, flow, pressure, speed and other process variables that take place inside the steam boiler on a ship. Boiler service is necessary to ensure the best performance and functionality of the boiler. At Global Boiler Aalborg, we offer boiler service, maintenance, repair and pressure vessel inspections. If you searched for boiler service near me, then you will be happy to learn that although we are based in Denmark, we offer our services all over the world.

Global Boiler Aalborg is located in Aalborg, Denmark, but we have branches in both Dubai and Singapore. Our teams of boilermakers perform all kinds of work on boilers, economizers, IGG units, incinerators and much more. They can reach your ship, regardless of whether it is sailing or on a shipyard. Our teams always have the right set of skills and the necessary equipment onboard to complete their work efficiently. As you can see, you can expect an expert boiler service. Global Boiler Aalborg is a company with a solid reputation where all key employees have more than 20 years of experience in the construction and repair of boilers. That is the kind of expertise and know-how we make available to you.

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We always recommend that our customers take advantage of our favorable service agreement. We can agree on regular service visits onboard your ship depending on your needs and the condition of your vessel. Our competent engineers and boilermakers undertake a thorough check of all safety and operation functions of your boilers. At the end, you receive a full report with a detailed description of the condition of your boilers. It is a systematic and comprehensive inspection that gives you a full picture of how your boilers are performing.

Please contact Global Boiler Aalborg today. You can reach the Boiler Dept. at +45 29 100 300 as well as the Burner and Automation Dept. at +45 70 277 170. You can also choose to e-mail us at and