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Global Boiler Aalborg offers professional boiler repair

Global Boiler Aalborg offers professional boiler repair

If you are a boiler operator, you usually perform routine inspections and frequent maintenance on the boilers of your ship. Maybe your inspections have revealed that a boiler repair might soon be necessary. Probably, the piping, valves or gauges need refitting. Over the years, you have done all the required maintenance, including cleaning and clearing clogged pipes and valves, but sooner or later you cannot escape the fact that a comprehensive repair cannot be delayed any longer. At Global Boiler Aalborg, we offer boiler repair, support and service anywhere in the world.

Global Boiler Aalborg is a global service company that performs steam boiler repair. We also services and repairs economizers, thermal oil heaters, heat exchangers, IGG, incinerators, pressure vessels and piping systems for the maritime industry. As you can see, we specialize in a wide range of services that can help you operate your heating and steam generating system in a safe, efficient and economical way. We understand how important it is for you to avoid unnecessary delays. Therefore, our boiler engineers and boilermakers ensure that the refitting process is done swiftly and efficiently. In this way, your ship will soon be ready to sail again.

Boiler repair

Boiler repair anywhere in the world

Have you searched for “boiler repair near me”? Then you have come to the right place. Global Boiler Aalborg luckily provides services all over the world. We supply you with a well-trained workforce and high-grade materials at competitive prices. We offer pressure vessel inspections and repairs for all types of marine steam boilers. That includes “donkey” boilers, “cargo” boilers on a tanker vessel, and “main boilers” on a steam propulsion vessel. We also produce and supply spare parts and boiler control systems.

Please contact Global Boiler Aalborg today. You can reach the Boiler Dept. at +45 29 100 300 as well as the Burner and Automation Dept. at +45 70 277 170. You can also choose to e-mail us at and