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PID controller – Basic principles

PID controller – Basic principles

A PID controller (Proportional Integral Derivative) or proportional controller for short is a widely used instrument in industrial applications and settings. A PID controller serves to monitor and regulate the temperature, flow, pressure, speed and other important processes. This type of controller is a part of a control loop feedback mechanism to control process variables. If you are searching for a PID controller for your steam boiler, then you have found the right website. At Global Boiler Aalborg, you can order our PLC-based PID controller, which is an improved Siemens S7-1200 CPU.

We understand why a proportional controller could be in your interest. This kind of controller has gained the reputation of being the most accurate and stable controller on the market. When it comes to PID controller for vessel or boiler, there are some basic principles that they follow. Operators and technicians monitor and adjust the parameters according to the desired values that the system should output. Automatic controllers are used for adjusting and regulating things like water temperature, lubricating oil temperature and fuel oil temperature.

Operators can predetermine certain procedures such as performing automatic starts and stops. They can also choose to switch a water or oil pump as well as maintaining the normal operation of the boiler. When the parameters of the boiler exceed the preset value, the system can automatically sound an alarm. That is something that ensures the safe operation of your boiler. This is because it regulates the boiler so that it fires in a controlled manner. This also provides cost savings since it prevents individual boilers from over firing or cycling on and off unnecessarily.

PID controller

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As you know, proportional controllers perform many essential functions. They provide automatic combustion control, feed water level control, steam PID control, purging compensation and sequence as well as automatic load preserving, pressure, level and temperature control. To ensure the optimal operation of your boiler, it makes sense to invest in a high-quality controller from Global Boiler Aalborg.

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