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Pressure vessel repair by the experts at Global Boiler Aalborg

Pressure vessel repair by the experts at Global Boiler Aalborg

As ship owner or technician, you take no chances when it comes to the safety of your crew. Therefore, you are always aware of the condition of your pressure vessels (BPV). So if you discover that a pressure vessel needs repair, you will surely call an expert. At Global Boiler Aalborg, we have a number of teams of boilermakers who can assist you when you require a pressure vessel repair. 

Some people confuse a steam boiler with a pressure vessel. Admittedly, they both hold their contents under pressure. Boilers should hold hot water or steam. Pressure vessels should hold air, oxygen, nitrogen, LPG and other materials as well as gasses at high pressures. The very definition of these containers shows that they could represent a hazard if they are not in a good condition. Do you own or operate this type of vessel and need a vessel repair? Then you need to contact a service company that can provide a pressure vessel repair at a professional level. Otherwise, you risk exposing your employees to a potential fire or explosion. We are sure that this is not a risk you and your company are willing to take. As a responsible and safety-conscious person, you want to ensure that your pressure vessel is always in excellent conditions.

Pressure vessel repair

A well-executed pressure vessel repair by Global Boiler Aalborg

Regardless of whether you need a repair, service or spare parts, we can always help you. Pressure vessels have many applications. They are usually used as storage, mixing, jacketed and reactor tanks in food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical production, and other sanitary applications. Operators always have to monitor and control the temperature and the pressure levels inside the vessels. Because of the great pressures inside these containers, there is always a risk of explosions or the compromising of seals and valves if servicing is not conducted properly. When you choose our services, you can count on the assistance of our professional personnel.

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