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Supporting Maskinmesternes Forening and marine job opportunities

Supporting marine job opportunities

Improving the job opportunities in the marine sector in Singapore.

We were thrilled when Maskinmesternes Forening contacted us to discuss how we could improve the employment contingency of marine engineers in Singapore. We discussed our role in supporting Maskinmesternes Forening and marine job opportunities.

A thriving job market

Global Boiler Aalborg was one of the many other companies Maskinmesternes Forening visited. In giving time, we hope to see a thriving market for job hunters for the role of marine engineers and provide these job hunters with a position when we can.

We would like to thank Maskinmesterforeningen for their visit and exciting talk. You can read their LinkedIn post here to read more. Since Maskinmesternes Forening is a Danish union, the post is written in Danish.

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