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Retrofit of Mission Control System

For Unisab and PC

Time to upgrade your Mission based Boiler Control System? We offer a PLC-based solution to replace the existing Unisab controllers and PC – also known af Retrofit of Mission Control System. The system consists of one CPU, controlling the entire system and communicates with the I/O’s and HMI’s via LAN. The CPU will be installed in the “Power Panel” which usually keeps a cooler temperature than the “Local Panels”. This ensures less downtime. Each boiler features two HMI’s, one for local operation located in the “Local Control Panel” and one for remote control, located in the ECR.

Retrofit of Mission Control System - Automation Service Engineer working

Easy setup of Retrofit on Unisab & PC

The system is made with hardware exclusively from well-known brands and with spare parts available worldwide. CPU and I/O cards can be replaced separately which makes it possible to renew parts individually.

We offer a preprogrammed PLC made in accordance with your vessel’s requirements which will give you an excellent process overview. The system is easy to set up, gives full access to parameters, and provides trend curves from boiler operation.

Retrofit of Mission Control System - Before view of inside cabinet
Retrofit of Mission Control System - View of final setup inside cabinet

Before and after view of electronics of Retrofied Mission Control System

Facts about installation of Retrofit of Mission Control System

Unisab Retrofit - View of Interface panelWe will replace all Unisab controllers with Siemens S7-1500 PLC hardware, configured with the necessary inputs and outputs specific to your vessel/system. The PLC software is developed in-house and tailored to your vessel’s layout.

To ensure a smooth installation process without surprises, we always prefer to conduct a pre-inspection. This is mainly to check the equipment’s condition and the system’s overall status in the field. It’s not a requirement but an option that allows us to assess any modifications or special equipment that may have been added, and which we need to consider during configuration and installation. For the engineering, we do not require pre-inspection of the vessel – we can make the Class documents based on your existing documentation.

The estimated installation time is 4 days, including removal of the old controller and commissioning of the new system. However, Class typically takes 3-6 weeks to process the engineering approval. The exact duration depends on the workload and availability of the Class and surveyors, which, unfortunately, is not something we can change.

Nevertheless, we always strive to expedite the process as soon as possible and utilize downtime effectively. The pre-inspection can be carried out simultaneously with the Class process to save time. As the first step, we will prepare the engineering and Class documents based on the electrical diagram and P&ID, using your existing drawings and onboard system, making the system ship-specific.

We have experience with installations while the vessel is at sea or during a port stay, provided proper planning and preparation. However, please note that installation at sea can often cause delays compared to Dry-dock installation, as the system will be partly online during the works.

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Retrofit of Mission Control System - View of electronics on door