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If it’s time for an upgrade of your PLC-based modules in your boiler plant or having your burner adjusted, our experienced automation engineers are ready to assist you. Whether it’s a complete upgrade of your control system or the installation of a subsystem to help you optimise your burner’s efficiency, we are ready to assist in this endeavour. All work carried out by our engineers is always Class Certified.

With only the most sophisticated equipment in the industry, our service engineers can help you by performing a full diagnostic of your boiler plant and make a detailed list of recommended and/ or needed repairs and upgrades for your plant. This survey can be done during a pre-docking inspection which ensures that you can get any upgrade or repair done in a timely manner.

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    Automation Service

    Upgrades & Redesign

    Need more time on your hands? Does it take up too much time to manually manage your ship’s boiler? Our expert automation team is here to help! We offer a varity of ways to automate the process, giving you more time and a better overall view of your running boiler.

    Automation Services

    Do you know if your ship is qualified for automation? Or are you not sure if your automated system is running smoothly? We’ll send our best and brightest to inspect your boiler and help you on your journey to become more automated and have more time on your hands.

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    New Control System

    The boiler control system from Global Boiler Service A/S is engineered to ensure safe and reliable operation with minimum attendance. This is achievable via use of high quality components and an “easy to use” user interface.

    The base of the system is the new Siemens S7-1500 PLC. Siemens is supplying high quality components with worldwide availability. Further, there is a supply guarantee of 10 years when components are replaced with new models. This guarantees you a long lasting solution!

    The system is implementable in a “single boiler” system or in a “multiple boiler” system where a common section is added.

    For new building or retrofit, and available to any kind of boiler and burner.

    Service Agreement

    You can easily put your trust is our expertise. We are so proud of our service standard that we have a service agreement.

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