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Boiler Repair and Maintenance Services

No matter the scope of repair or service required for your boiler plant, our experienced boiler specialists can and will get the job done. With everything from boiler inspections, modifications, refractory and insulation work to major repairs of your boiler, you are ensured quality boiler repair and maintenance. We support any type and design of boilers, boiler accessories and boiler related equipment in any configuration. And with in-house machinery, we can custom make almost any thinkable boiler parts to fit into your existing plant.

We can handle the entire marine boiler repair and maintenance process from inspections to manufacturing parts and onboard installation giving you a complete boiler overhaul. We ensure any carried out repair is Class approved and all our materials are up to Class standards through close contact with our local Class inspectors. And with good corporations and our own testing facilities in house, we are able to have most boiler materials tested and approved by the Class societies within days of inquiry.

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    Boiler Repair and Maintenance services

    Boiler Repair services

    Regular inspections of a boiler’s components and systems can help identify potential problems before they become major issues, ensuring safe and efficient operation. We at Global Boiler offer riding crews, which are teams of experienced technicians who can quickly travel to your location to provide onboard repairs and maintenance.

    Boiler Repair jobs

    General repair involves repairing components of the boiler, Economizer, Inert gas generator or Incinerator system that has malfunctioned or is no longer operating as intended. This can include repairing or replacing valves, piping/pressure part, refractory, and other mechanical components, as well as addressing issues with other boiler, IGG or ECO system functions such as leaks, corrosion, deformation etc.. Boiler, ECO, IGG and Incinerator repair is important for maintaining the efficiency of the systems and reducing fuel consumption.


    Whether you are looking for a new boiler, installing a WHR to your existing system, replacing Super heater tubes, De-Superheater/ Control De-Superheater units or other boiler parts, we are always ready to assist you. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians and our shared knowledge and expertise in boiler design are ready to assist with anything from boiler retubing or construction.

    So if you’re in need of fabrication for marine boilers, waste heat recovery systems, super heaters, or other boiler parts, don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime.

    case study

    Cleaning of Boiler smoke tubes

    “Introduction to optimizing your boiler efficiency by having mechanical cleaning of exhaust gas tubes”

    A soot layer in boiler tubes causes the equipment to run harder to maintain the same output. With efficiency loss comes additional fuel consumption which will affect the bottom line. And by experience, we do know that boiler cleaning often is not on the top of mind. If everything appears to be working, routine maintenance may fall to the wayside. However, out of sight should not mean out of mind. Being proactive when it comes to boiler maintenance yields benefits such as, reduced downtime, saving energy and extending the life of the boiler.

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    Case study

    HYUNDAI – ATLAS MAXI 100 Incinerator Refurbishment

    All refractories and insulation replaced internally

    We can manage everything from making parts to installing them onboard. We work with our own local Class inspectors to ensure all repairs meet the approval of Class standards. With our own testing facilities, we are able to get most boiler materials approved quickly by the Class society’s within days of inquiry. In this case, the incinerator furnace needed extensive repairs, so the owners decided to replace it.

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